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Dog Grooming Tools

Available Services

All grooming services include complimentary finishing touch of bandanna/bow and/or cologne/perfume. Seasonal pictures also available (not guaranteed due to dog cooperation or time constraints)

 He's Filthy

Bath and Toenails

Perfect for short, smooth coats. 

Our shed reducing bath, along with premium shampoo and conditioner appropriate to skin and coat type. Includes blow dry and brush out, as well as toenail trim. 


SMALL                 55

MEDIUM              75

LARGE                 100


She Can't See

Mini Groom

Our bath and toenail package in addition to a face, feet and sanitary trim.

Perfect for keeping Fluffy fresh and clean in between!




SMALL                           70

MEDIUM                        100

LARGE                          140

He Needs A Good Haircut 

Full Groom

All inclusive! The mini groom plus a full gorgeous haircut. 

Perfect for maintaining your favorite style or restarting a hot mess! 




SMALL                      85

MEDIUM                125

LARGE                   170

We are unable to accommodate GIANT breeds or dogs over 80 lbs. 


             S = 0-20 lbs.

  Shih-Tzu, Yorkie, Mini Poodle

             M = 21-40 lbs.

Corgi, Mini American Shepherd

        SC Wheaten Terrier

              L = 41-80 lbs.

Standard Poodle, Border Collie,

          Golden Retriever

A la Carte

     Toenail Trim               20                       Paw Pad Shave        10
Dremel or hand file available      

     Paw and Nose Balm     5                       Ear Cleaning            15

     Express Service          35                       Extra Hugs               FREE

                                    De-Matting 2/minute
      All groom services include brushing, this only applies to extra matting




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